Selma to Montgomery March Draws Diverse Crowd — Even an 8-Year-Old Leads Walk!

Posted on: March 10, 2012

It was like a scene out of history that would make George Wallace turn over in his grave. It was one moment time that would have made Martin Luther King, Jr. proud.

On March 9, 2012, Montgomery, Alabama—historically and symbolically known as a bastion of racism, segregation, and discrimination—became a mecca of inclusion as thousands of African Americans, Hispanics, women, and union activists marched on Capitol Hill culminating a week of activities that commemorated the  47th anniversary of the “Selma to Montgomery March.”

Carrying signs representing their own particular causes, such as “Stop the War on Women,” “End Voter Suppression,” “Repeal the Immigration Law,” and “Support Workers Rights—some 2,000-strong marchers converged on the State Capitol on Friday, voicing one unifying message: the Old South shall NOT rise, again—at least not if Alabama voters have a say so in the matter. The week-long event drew participation from activists and leaders around the state and nation including the Rev. Al Sharpton,  US Rep. John Lewis,  senior White House advisor Valarie Jarrett,  singer-actor Tyrese Gibson, Alabama Democratic legislative leaders, and a diverse mix of state and local grassroots organizations. Even a few Republican women participated in a women’s rally held earlier in the week.

The week-long event  was documented in Twitter as participants and observers comments as the event unfolded.  One unusual  story that emerged was of an eight-year-old girl who  lead a stretch of  the march from Selma to Montgomery  on Thursday.  The youngster who is unidentified was featured in a TwitPic photo by singer-actor Tyrese Gibson.

So impressed by the photo, Gibson captioned the photo: “MyLittle Shero,” then tweeted:  “This little 8yo girl has been LEADING THE MARCH it’s a total of 54 miles from Selma to Montgomery…”

Here’s an excerpt from comments tweeted in response to Tyrese’s Tweet:


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