Hello! I’m NewCenturyWoman, but you can call me NCW for short. NewcenturywomanDotCom is my new blog, an off-shoot of my new found diversion—lurking on Twitter and posting articles on (a great little international news-based website I stumbled across a couple of months ago).

Through NewcenturywomanDotcom, I hope to be able to empower women, particularly beautiful African American women like myself, through the printed word. (I say “beautiful” because I believe we are whatever we think of ourselves!) No, I’m not a published book author or a professional career counselor. But I have spent a few years as a newspaper journalist and way too many years as an educator.

While writing is not what I do professionally now, it is what I love most! I’m hoping  NewcenturywomanDotCom will give me a chance to enrich the lives of other women through my writing while I simultaneously “escape” via this new and wonderful pastime called blogging. Please read Welcome Ladies! posted as a permanent tab here which will tell you a bit more about the blog.

Here’s to our having great times together on this blog…exploring the lighter side of  the news through words, visuals, and a  little bit of music.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Until next time…


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