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College students can’t afford double the interest on student loans—let your members of Congress know: http://OFA.BO/gVvXRi #DontDoubleMyRate

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the Sixth Annual State Dinner on Wednesday, honoring British Prime Minister David Cameron. The black-tie event was attended by U.S. and foreign government dignitaries, Hollywood celebrities, and major donors.

So the infamous video showing a young Barack Obama in his most ‘radical’ form has been released. So what’s the verdict? Will it mean the end of President Obama’s presidency?

Not likely. It looks as if conservative pundit Andrew Breitbart has punked a few of his minions from the grave.

In a candid discussion on Twitter recently, Tweeters offered their take on the subject with lively and engaging comments below. Their comments are followed by  A TimeLine of Awesome Videos from the Barack Obama Collection that would put to shame  efforts by the Obama haters who want to try  to use the Harvard “Protest” video against President Obama.

But first, let’s take a look  at that ‘radical’ video that FOX News and other Obama haters have pushing.  Here’s  young Barack Obama, a law school student at Harvard, protesting  in  the early 1990s for more diversity in the hiring of   minority and female professors .