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Welcome to NewcenturywomanDotCom, ladies! And if you’re not a lady and just want to hang out with us girls, then we welcome  you, too.

NewcenturywomanDotCom is not your typical blog. That  DotCom  you see attached at the end is more than just a spelled-out computer extension: it is symbolic of the age in which we live, an icon of  our times, and a sign of things to come.  Through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, forums, blogs, vlogs, and other online venues, NewcenturywomanDotCom will bring you news and views from across the blogosphere  to keep you informed and at the same time  give you sense  of escape from the daily grinds of life.   And  what’s more, we will make this blog interactive so you can  actively engage with us through your comments, guest commentary,  polls, and Twitter posts.

Our target audience is “Women of Color,” but this blog doesn’t discriminate, so anybody is welcome to join in for a little bit of daily enlightenment–and  if you’re lucky, maybe even a little fun. And if you stick with us, you can watch us grow as a community as we find our way through this ever-changing and forever-challenging world of blogging.

Now’ here’s a little somethin’ somethin’  from the past to  get  you in the right mindset.  The music is sassy and sweet, but pay attention to  words ladies.  The lyrics will help you deal with the day’s hot-button issue that follows  immediately after this: